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Saturday 23 July, 2016 | RSS Feed

Candy for you not to smoke Marlboro Cigarettes

Today, Marlboro cigarettes are still active in the male world of a bright color, whether it is spiritual sustenance or social needs. But smoking is not good for the body, both hurt themselves, but also affect the health of everyone. For a long time, many anti smoking publicity move in various places, but success is low, propaganda is not enough, but with changes in the present way of publicity,so many people are conscious of compliance, which is a good sign. Candy for cheap Marlboro cigarettes, you will change it? From the value point of view, cigarettes more expensive, there may be people will not change, but from the heart, with love to speak, all the people will agree to this, why?

Now the whole country opened train line, we all know is not to smoke in cars, because the smoke would affect the EMU operation, there is a big security risk, so in this regard, we are vigorously publicity and not in the car smoking. Now that the Chinese New Year is coming, many people are taking the bullet train home, so you'll see a lot of promotional activities in the train station. "Uncle, I used the lollipop for your little one Marlboro cigarettes, please cherish yourself and the health of others". On the first day of Spring Festival, many in a hurry traveler has embarked on a journey home, the reporter saw at the train station, in the waiting hall, holding lolly wearing a T-shirt "spring helper" particularly conspicuous. These lovely children handheld lollipops, Spring Festival promotional materials in the crowd to guide the visitors stop, patience for the passenger provide guidance and help, to smoking, littering, jump the queue and uncivilized behavior to discourage, a shares sweet civilized travel wind blowing in the waiting room, which will influence many people. If you are a smoker, you are a lovely child to discourage smoking, you will be angry? I think I will not be angry, just smile out his cigarette. Because smoking will affect many people around, waiting room, a lot of people, the air circulation is not good, so more to ban smoking.

This anti smoking campaign is very appealing to me, if a child with you to say with candy with you for wholesale Marlboro gold cigarettes, you promised it would be, I believe many adults will agree, because to children's lovely and exhort, they have no reason to refuse, those who smoke are infected with these lovely little angel. I think this is the magic of love, only love can move a person, not an order is not restrained, such advice both human, also let a person cannot bear to refuse, and this will be to the train station to create a good atmosphere, let everybody have a healthy journey.

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