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A healthy smoking wholesale cigarettes tool

Is there a healthy smoking method in the world? I heard that now there is, is it true?We all know that the electronic cigarette is relatively healthy, but electronic cigarette is not a real cigarette, electronic cigarette work principle are add smoke oil (liquid) into the atomizer, and the heating smoke into the shape of the steam for sniffing. But now there is a new type of "electronic cigarettes". It is a real Marlboro cigarette is inserted by 188 DEG C low-temperature baking baked a cheap Marlboro cigarette, compared to the traditional 800 DEG C high temperature combustion can significantly reduce harmful substances. This may will attract a lot of smokers, will be very interested in this tool. Now let us look at the new smoking tool.

This is China first with double functions of intelligent health smoking set, it is a set of intelligent temperature controlled low temperature baking mechanism and with increasing fog components combined products, when in use, directly into the ordinary Marlboro Gold cigarettes sold in the market, do not need to light a discount Marlboro cigarette, turn on the power, alignment of the suction nozzle can be direct smoking, taste and usually smoking, smoking time for 5 minutes, so that they can in a healthy way to enjoy the pure taste of Marlboro cigarettes Free Shipping , smoking can also select Open increase spray device, produce enough smoke, fully meet the user experience. It is not the electronic cigarette, not the filter tip is a vacuum pumping smoke without intelligent secondhand smoke smoking. Insert cigarettes, 188 degrees low temperature roasted smoked, a significant reduction of harmful substances; built in Bluetooth, connected to APP, intelligent detection of the user's health. At the same time,the health of smoke,with health care function.What is the difference between the use of smart health smoking and traditional smoking?Intelligent health smoking is by low temperature heat without burning technology to bake the Marlboro cigarettes online, according to foreign research, will significantly reduce the harmful substances, reduce dozens of carcinogenic risk, is a scientific smoke way; and traditional smoking is 800 DEG C high temperature combustion, will produce a large number of harmful substances. Then people will doubt the intelligent health smoking can really reduce smoking harmful substances?The answer is yes, because the smart use of low-temperature baking healthy smoking technique, the temperature is only 188 ℃. This is the theoretical basis for evidence of foreign technology on low temperature roasting tobacco is already quite mature, research papers in this regard very much. According to foreign accredited laboratory research data showed that low-temperature roasting of tobacco heating, significantly reducing harmful substances produced.

So we saw the introduction of the smart smoking, there is not a little bit of heart? I believe that many smokers will go to try, because the dangers of secondhand smoke is too great,so, this can reduce the harm of smoking products are generally very popular.I would like to have this smart smoking, you can buy Cheap cigarettes from the tobacco shop, then use this smoking tool to smoking, smoking is a very convenient experience. It can reduce the harm, also enables complete combustion of Marlboro cigarettes, smokers have enough pleasure, this is really double benefit of new inventions.

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