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How the Newport cigarette packaging fool you?

We all know the beautifully packaged Newport cigarettes, price is more expensive, and who advertise their brand of Cheap Newport cigarettes more harmless than other cigarettes brands, the price is also very expensive. However, these packages are nothing but a smokescreen, smokers who became their suckers.

Some researchers in the survey simple packaging regulations (referring not have a brand of cigarettes or packed in an attractive package), the results of their study published in the newspaper. Simple Newport Menthol cigarettes packaging and warnings on the packaging seems to be a useless initiative. After all, who does not know that wholesale Newport cigarettes are harmful to people?Simple packaging cigarettes can do is to reduce some of the people the impression that "cigarette harm to the human body than the cognitive. Health icons depicted the cigarette pack contains "thin" and "minor" and other words, easy for people to mistakenly think that some discount Newport Menthol cigarettes can be more healthy. Some packages even use the NICO card as the word: mild. In a long period of time and market efficiency are trying to reduce to bring certain consumer health hazardous effects of anxiety, especially in cigarettes. In the sixties of the 20th century, when people come to a common understanding that cigarettes are harmful to the human body the idea, the tobacco companies are using a uranium and related marketing strategy. Radium skin cream and a radioactive suppository is history more famous radiation health tonic, there are some unheard of radiation marketing strategy. One of them is NICO's clean tobacco card. This card first appeared in Japan. Soon it becomes a popular export, the Americans had found a way to continue smoking without having to worry about negative effects caused by tobacco. This small blue card contains a small amount of uranium. Smokers only card insert inside the Newport cigarettes box, the cigarette can eliminate the radiation of uranium in some degree of toxicity.Card board packaging claims the card card can effectively reduce tobacco seventeen percent of tar and nicotine, it can not in the destruction of the taste of wholesale Newport cigarettes, Newport Menthol cigarette to become more moderate, while reducing the 50 percent of the toxicity of cigarette. Do not have to say, in fact, this card is not used at all.Although the card is already in the past, but it is still in the spirit with us. In health food stores and strange place, you may be able to buy a piece of metal badges on the phone, it is known as cell phones emit harmful electromagnetic radiation can be eliminated.

In some extent, everyone is healthy packaging suckers.we are trying to pick a bad choice at all hazards that one of the lightest. Customized marketing materials that can enhance people's awareness of the lightest harm a choice, always be able to earn a lot of money, cigarette packaging is a prime example, as long as the advertising says the product can reduce the harm of Newport cigarettes, I promise a lot of people will buy, but in fact these are no use, only to quit smoking is the only way out.

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