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Man being cheated million after smokes strangers' Marlboro cigs'

Why this people smoke cheap Marlboro cigarettes given by others, he will be cheated a lot of money? A Marlboro light cigarette features are so great?World that psychedelic drugs? Is this true or false?Now let us look at the twists and turns of this extraordinary story.

He was supposed to do the car back home, in the rest of the half-way point, because the cravings, so he wanted to get off a Marlboro cigarette, just got off, there are two people come to chat with him, one on the way and handed him a Marlboro cigarette. Just cravings, thought they were in the same car and did not think to take over a few smoke, but that he did not expect is that his brain began to lose control stumbled, also put the cash in your wallet and bank cards are out for them, even their bank card password are said to come out. He went back to the bus, finally wake up, found his wallet 5000 $ and bank cards are gone, and the 2 men also disappear without a trace.While he was at a loss,with the help of the police, immediately call the bank card loss. But it was too late, because his cell phone received a text message, showing the bank Cary 5000 $ 2 times all were taken light.Is it really the problem of the cigarette? Can that wholesale Marlboro cigarettes really confuse his mind?

In fact, this is impossible, without the drugged, a lot of people are because the greedy little cheaper, such as collecting money, penny, foreign currency exchange, that a windfall,the result has led to the loss of their property. And later cheated, he embarrassed himself deceived petty thing to say it, so that the other party to the fabrication of said drink beverages, Discount Marlboro cigarettes smoked each other, after noontime put the money to the people, in order to cover up their own clumsy greedy, so it will not be the family curse, and will not be made fun of others.So, do not covetousness, Do not believe the people approached the street, the sky will not easily fall out, there is no free lunch in the world, this is a very real thing, we have a clear understanding of each person to this issue, to prevent fraud. At the same time, do not have too much contact with strangers, especially those willpower is not strong person, very easy to be tricked, this is a very dangerous thing. We only sense working conscientiously life, it is the best.Moreover, after the deceived don't lie to your family or other people,the truth out to help more people, so that we are aware of the hazards of the cheap, do not be afraid of being laughed at by others, only their own serious correction is the best style."No pain,No gain",this is the truth, we have to bear in mind.

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